Technological Influence

In Turkle’s article, “ Who Am We?” she discusses the evolution of the computer. The importance of the computer can not be determined by the past influence and implantation of the technology. “The computer had a clear intellectual identity as a calculating machine.” (Turkle, page 3). As well as, a calculating technology the computer was also defined by it’s “cut-and-dry” programming. However Turkle discusses the relationship between the computer, the technology, and the person, the user, as a humanistic and technological correlation. “Computers are not just changing or lives but changing our selves.” (Turkle, page 3). 

The internet links millions of people in new spaces that are changing the way we think and the way we form our communities.” (Turkle, page 3). Bolter provides clear evidence that supports Turkle’s claim, in his article “Introduction: in the late age of print.” “It now seems possible that many texts might never be printed, but simply distributed in digital form.” (Bolter, page 2). Therefor, the computer is changing the way we read and write. Newspapers, magazines, books, and scientific research can be found from an online source. The computer has progressed from programming and calculating, to word processing, than informing and connecting its’ users all over the world.

The impact of the computer is still evolving and changing, and is constantly influencing the live’s of the users. The computer is an essential, educational, reading and writing tool. Though it can also be used as a recreational escape. “Windows allow us to be in several contexts at the same time, (…), The self is no longer simply playing different roles in different settings at different times.” (Turkle, page 3). The computer’s technological revolution has progressed from the assets of the world wide connection and information aiding our lives, to influencing its’ individual users on a personal level.

The balance of negative and positive influence is still undefined, in the sense of the impact on the person as an individual. Today studies have shown that children are using cell phones before they can walk or talk. The true influence of technology on people will be defined within the next generations. Children now have iPhone based toys, and coloring books and paint sets are designed for digital use. To the current generation new technologies seem unnatural, but we must remember that this occurs with every new technology. Crayons are the natural way to color for children who grew up in my generation, however crayons are not natural. The generations who grow up with the technology, are comfortable and used to it. Where as, the generations that the technology is new to, see it as complex and unnatural. Therefor,  one day digital coloring books may be the norm, and crayons and the new coloring technologies are viewed as obsolete and unnatural.

Until the generations using technology before they can walk, grow up we may never comprehend the actual meaning of technology in our lives. As well as, the true impact and influence the technologies have on our individual self and personality. There are always positive and negative aspects to any new technology. To embrace the technological revolution of the computer, we must discover that the positive assets outweigh the negative hindering interference’s.


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