Get your creativity on…

We all want to be creative, right?  Okay, maybe I’m a bit ahead of myself.  Some of us, myself included, enjoy and thrive on being creative in many different aspects.  Creative writing, creative arts, creative design; the list goes on and on.  During the creative process road blocks can occur, throwing us off and causing us to reach a standstill.  Very similar to writer’s block, creativity block keeps us from moving forward in the process.

My fellow blogger @ashmcmichael tweeted the article Excellent Tips to Stimulate Creativity, outlining simple ideas to give your brain a break and get the creative juices flowing:


1)  Engage in physical activity;  go for a walk, jog, shoot some hoops, dance, or just get outside and get some fresh air.  This will get your mind off of the task at hand and give you the ability to start fresh when you return to your project.


2)  A simple break is all that’s needed sometimes.  Spend some time with friends, family, pets, etc.; watch TV, listen to music, scan the internet, stop by social media (which I am usually doing anyway), or read a book, newspaper or magazine.  These are all excellent ways to engage our minds in other topics and off of our current project.


3)  Change up your routine.  If you normally begin a project late at night, try getting up early and starting right away.  If your routine is already set that way, trying flipping it around. If you normally work in your room on your bed, try sitting in the kitchen at the table, and vice versa.  A change of scenery may inspire something new.  Make small, simple changes at first and see if that sparks your creativity.


4)  Jot it down!  When an idea strikes you, write it down.  No pen or paper? Send yourself an email!  These days most people have a smartphone that allows internet connection, so send yourself an email or a text.  Refer back to it later when you need it.  Don’t be that person that says “I don’t need to write it down, I’ll remember.”  You won’t.

So when your creativity level is waning and you need a jump-start, try one of these four ideas to get back on track.  Good luck!

While coming up with my thoughts/ideas on how to go about creating this blog, Michael Wesch’s video The Machine is Us/Using Us came to mind.  I had to rethink the way I was going to showcase these ideas and the means in which I would present them to you, the audience.  I hope it was enjoyable 🙂



10 thoughts on “Get your creativity on…

  1. I love the ideas that you gave! Honestly, the gif’s made it a lot more fun too, by bringing it to life. Personally, I find a break to be the most effective way. Like you mentioned, spending time with my friends is probably the best outlet to spark my creativity. Engaging in conversations with them helps me immensely to gain inspiration. Really though, I feel that people mainly just need a mental break. I time to let go and do something relaxing. During my relaxation time, I find my thought process flowing the most.


    1. Thanks for the positive comment!! I have to agree that a break from the task at hand works best for me. Not so much to get my train of thought going, but to remove the thoughts and get my brain focused on something else. That way when I return to the project, I have a clear head and can direct all of my energy to progress.


  2. I have often been told that you need to find a routine, find a special writing place, and stick to the day in and day out in order to be structured so we create a habitual mindset that will induce hard work and creativity. I think this article is best for those who are stuck in their routine. For most college kids, such as myself, we struggle with the routine. We have to fight the laziness, not the boredom after habits have become old. One day we will face this issue. I will thing back and thank you.


    1. I had to ‘lol’ at your comment, because even though I’m pretty set in a routine, I still fight laziness! I do find that working in the same place, during the same time of day tends to be productive. I just have to get the motivation to get started and most days, that motivation is a deadline!


  3. I think that you were very successful in being more creative since this post is very creative. By adding the pictures and gifs, it actually inspired me to add creativity and flair into my own blog posts. It gets dull reading the same articles day in and out, giving the eye a break is very beneficial indeed. Plus, by reading this post, I also learned more ways to expand my own horizons and break free from monotony.


    1. Thank you! Using gifs was new to me but so was blogging, so I figured, why not? I’m glad the post inspired you to try new things out with your blog, and I look forward to reading your entries 🙂


  4. I agree with the above comment! Your post is full of life, color and movement! I think you took these tips into consideration when writing your blog post. When I am in classrooms observing and taking notes, I always make it a point to note whether or not the teacher allows the children to have a small break between long lessons. I find it extremely beneficial for both writers and students to have the opportunity to get up and move around. Sitting down for too long is unhealthy and can also lead to boredom and behavioral issues! Loved this post!


    1. Thank you! I have to agree with your comment regarding breaks for school children. They have a short attention span as it is and it is incredible that some educators expect them to sit at a desk for hours on end and stay engaged. That holds true for adults as well. Very few people can sit still for any long duration of time, take for instance the movie theater. How many people do we see get up to use the restroom, get a snack, or stretch their legs. Very few people can actually sit still through an entire movie anymore!


  5. Great blog, Samantha!! Your use of Gifs is brilliant. Carlton Banks dancing?! Yes! Thanks for creating this blog from an article I tweeted- so neat! I love the advice about changing up your routine to get away from writer’s block and lack of creativity. I find myself writing in the same place all of the time…my kitchen table. In fact, I’m typing this right now from my kitchen! Haha. Maybe I’ll get the creative juices flowing more if I change up my scenery.


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