The Six Seconds Heard from Around the World

Vine is a phenomenon that is both fast and funny, two characteristics that our culture has grown to become extremely fond of.

If you have not yet experienced the whirlwind that is Vine, let me expose it to you: click here for 6 seconds of entertainment


See? Wasn’t that fun? It was fast so you can get back to your hectic life and it also produced a little chuckle. You’re not the only one who thinks it was fun; an article called “Six Seconds of Loopy Creativity and Millions of Fans” by the New York Times praises Vine and comments on how it is taking over the public’s feeds. Instead of going to Instagram or Twitter, users are choosing Vine for a multitude of reasons. First of all, Vine combines YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter in a more user-friendly way. Instead of watching a 5 minute video on YouTube, users are getting the punchline 10x faster. Instead of sifting through tweets, users are getting the main idea immediately. Instead of seeing a picture, users are experiencing the action.

The article by the New York Times describes Vine as “the early web- low stakes, raw, and full of reckless abandon”  and the author is exactly right. Vine users will complete any task, no matter how ridiculous, in order to entertain viewers. In fact, the phrase “do it for the Vine” has become popular due to the Vine’s infamous actions.

Vine is just an example of how apps are in competition to gain titles such as craziest, most creative, or wildest. Notice, however, that has been a competition amongst apps. The Web, on the other hand, is slowly losing its following. It is a common mistake for users to believe spending hours on Vine, Instagram, or Pandora is considered “surfing the Web”; in an article I tweeted called “The Web is Dead. Long Live the Internet” by Chris Anderson and Michael Wolff, the authors describe how Apps not only differentiate from the Web, but they are also are taking over. Although the switch from Web to Internet is not conscious or aggressive, it is surely happening. It’s not the Web’s fault, apps are just becoming more and more prominent in today’s society.

I mean, look at the difference between using Google and using Instagram:


In a world where apps such as Vine literally thrive off fun and entertainment, simply can’t compete.


2 thoughts on “The Six Seconds Heard from Around the World

  1. This is so typical of our culture today. We’re always looking for the next best, fastest, more exciting way to enhance the previous online phenomena. I am very familiar with Vine, and for all of the reasons you stated above, am a fan of Vine over Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter. Mainly for the reason that it is fast, fun, funny, and direct. It combines all of our favorite social media’s into one. With that being said, it’s funny that as the fast paced Americans we are, we’re still looking for the next best, quicker, way.


  2. I love Vine! Have you seen how creative some people can be on there with their video editing?? Some accounts are masters at stop motion and create little stories with inanimate objects in just 6 seconds. Talk about creativity!! I used to Vine all of the time, but was never creative enough to get a big following 🙂


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