iWrite Words: The Handwriting App

As a iwritefuture educator, I am always on the lookout for creative ways to make learning fun for    my future students. With the Common Core‘s heavy presence in the classroom, various forms  of  writing instruction are crucial. Today, technology is so natural to children and is becoming  more popular  in the classroom, so being able to incorporate technology into writing  instruction will be extremely beneficial for the students while making learning fun.

In preschool and kindergarten classrooms, it is important to have the students practice forming uppercase and lowercase letters. Understanding that children must begin to write letters and numbers by tracing them first is key.

The app iWrite Words is something that can be used to do just this! iWrite Words is available on iPads, iPhones and iPods, and is an excellent way to get children interested and involved with the early stages of the writing process both inside and outside of the classroom.

iWrite Words helps to teach kids how to write the letters of the alphabet, numbers up to 20, and simple words using tracing. While it does help if kids already know how to count and read numbers up to 10 in order to play this game, this app can teach children the basics of letters. This app is available in English, French and Italian, making it a great for dual language learners, too.  After the child traces the letter or number, they hear a cheer, then see their actual handwriting appear based off of how they traced the letter.

This app has received rave reviews which include, “The whole app is delightful to behold. Bright background colors are juxtaposed against equally bright and scribbly child-like artwork that convey the word being spelled. You and your child will enjoy tracing your finger along those necessary building blocks of language. With its memorable artwork and way cool physics engine, it is sure to entertain and teach your child,” and many more.


The next time you are searching for the perfect new app to introduce or reinforce the basics of writing, keep iWrite Words in mind for your preschool and kindergartners.

*This app is available on iTunes for $2.99.


3 thoughts on “iWrite Words: The Handwriting App

  1. I reviewed this app too! I honestly think it will be so helpful to use in our classrooms, as future educators. Technology is becoming so prevalent in the lives of young children. Whether we like it or not, we are going to have to work with it. This is a great way for children to work on their writing, by learning how to properly form letters and numbers, and even to spell small words! The only thing that I really thought might be an issue is that children won’t get the opportunity to physically write out the characters with paper and a pencil. By tracing with their fingertips, are they really learning how to properly form these characters. They won’t really be able to get the physical feel of it. I feel like if apps like these become so common in the classroom, then maybe children’s handwriting could lack in neatness.


  2. Wow! Talk about the future! I asked a couple of first graders the other day how they learned/are learning to write in school. The first said with a pencil on paper, but when I asked them if they use the computer to write and do school work, they quickly nodded their heads yes! I can see this app coming in handy for children before they even reach the school age. Little ones, age 3 and 4, can play around with this app while at home and have an advanced start when they reach kindergarten. Very cool!!


  3. This seems like a cool app. My 5 year old sister uses apps like this all the time to help her with writing her letters and she loves it. It is very interactive and fun for her but at the same time she is learning. And it is very beneficial because she gets better at writing everyday. I think this app should be used more often for children. They will actually want to practice their letters because it is on an electronic!


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