Coping With Cancer the Creative Way

“More than 1.6-million Americans will be told they have some form of cancer this year.” What a heart-stopping, eerie, concerning fact. To think that over one million people will be diagnosed with such a deadly disease is mind boggling to me. Fellow blogger, Samantha Catlett, tweeted an article from Zite titled “Patients Use Creativity to Cope with Cancer” by ABC News.

Having a family who has been effected with cancer more than we would like, hearing a number like 1.6 million is very alarming to me. Watching family members suffer from this vicious disease is sickening, and I will forever be an advocate for cancer research. Living with cancer is a daily, draining task. Days are filled with pain and exhaustion. Chemotherapy is nauseating and weakening, and for many people, they feel that there is no end in sight for their cancer.intro pic2

During long painful days, it is utterly important to keep a positive outlook on life. I live by the saying “positive thoughts bring positive outcomes.” I used to tell my aunts and cousin this during treatment, and it seemed to brighten up their days and gave them something to focus on other than pain. They often told me that they needed something bright and comforting. “Patients Use Creativity to Cope with Cancer” sounds like something my family members and others should read.

Moffitt Cancer Center Doctor, Jacob Gardinier Scott, says finding ways to cope can be helpful for patients.  “I find that the people who are able to divert the focus back to something else, something important to them are the ones who even do better,” Scott said.

Studies show having a hobby or creative outlet can improve overall health and well-being. Coping ideas include “gardening, dancing, comedy, blog-writing or even exercise.”

A brain cancer patient’s coping canvas is her skin. “Stamping my arm was something I could control. There were so many things outside of my control” she said. Another patient uses painting and music to cope with his lung cancer. He titled is “My Sarcoma” and shows the progression of his cancer’s journey on each canvas.

What better way to let frustration out and distract yourself from cancer and treatments? For anyone effected by cancer, this is an empowering article to read.


7 thoughts on “Coping With Cancer the Creative Way

  1. I am very curious as what it is that induces stability and solace when performing hobbies. Is there a specific fluid in the brain that is released when doing something enjoyable? Or is it simply a distraction? I have often heard that writing is a form or means of escapism. It takes people away from their lives and sets them in a place of relaxation or danger, anything really, but always enjoyable to the writer. Unless, of course, they are writing essays lol.


  2. As a person who knew a victim of cancer, I know exactly how devastating this disease can be on a person. I completely agree with your article and your post that finding a creative outlet is important for mental health. I’m unsure if the creative outlet is physically helping the brain or simply keeping the person’s brain occupied, but I don’t think that matters. Either way, it is beneficial for someone in pain, which is the moral of the story here.


  3. This article is an inspiration to read even for someone who as not experienced cancer. I couldn’t agree more that finding mental stability through creativity can be so helpful when trying to cope with this terrible disease. Creative expression can facilitate so many amazing things.


  4. I think cancer has personally effected everyone in one way or another. Everyone either knows someone who has had cancer, or has dealt with it personally or in some way. I couldn’t agree more that the best way for anyone, not just the patients themselves, to help deal and cope with this vicious disease, is to distract themselves with things they can control. Having some sort of creative outlet is a way for people to express themselves while distracting themselves from the negative stuff they are dealing with on a daily basis.


  5. This looks really interesting and empowering. I’m always really impressed and inspired by people who find ways of getting through really hard times. I read a book recently, “Signs of Life” by Natalie Taylor, about a woman who used other people’s inspiring blogs and webcasts to get her through her husband’s death. I think that writing is a great outlet that people don’t often take enough advantage of.


  6. Everyone is affected by cancer, whether through personal experience or knowing someone you care for go through it. Positive exercises and motivations can be a great way for these patients to begin to “see the light.” I love how you addressed the fact that the article mentioned blogging as a source for relieving pain and emotions. I think that a blog written about the pain, struggle, and experience of cancer would be very interesting to read. As well as being an interesting topic to explore, this new hobby could potentially aid in saving a person’s life.


  7. This article is very interesting and inspiring. I think that it is a great idea to get through hard times by creativity. Making things is always a good way to get your mind of stuff. Writing in general is a good out.


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