Claim Your Inner Creativity

I read an interesting article on The Huffington post titled, “How To Claim Your Inner Creativity,” by author Faisal Hoque. Hoque regularly writes articles, blogs, and papers on Sunday mornings as well as tries to outline a new book idea even-MEDITATION-FLOWERS-large570ry summer. For him, writing is one of those happy discoveries that has helped him to “connect better with my purpose, my world, and myself.”

He writes that we have to start off with being MINDFUL.

“When you become a better observer of your own doings, you naturally develop a more realistic sense of yourself. Maybe you aren’t actually so nice to your colleagues all the time, and maybe you shouldn’t have a guilt spiral because of that.” Being more mindful helps us become an overall better person.

Along with being mindful, we must practice POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS.

Emotions allow us to feel passion, creativity, and happiness. However, our emot1-small-positive-thought-in-the-morning-can-change-your-whole-dayions can also be our downfall. Emotions can prevent us from creating the reality we desire. If we believe we can do a task, the chances of it getting done increase immensely. The mind is a very powerful thing that many of us don’t realize the true potential of positive thought.


There is a word for not knowing: ignorance. The connotation with the word ignorant isn’t a positive one. We are quick to jump to our defense if someone dares to use the word to describe us. But…what’s so bad about not knowing something? We can’t pretend to know everything. Being ignorant is just being a human being. “We can be skillfully ignorant by acknowledging that this is a complex, maybe even opaque world that we’re working in.”


2 thoughts on “Claim Your Inner Creativity

  1. I really enjoy the connections you make from creativity to positive thought. The power of being positive is often undervalued and taken for granted. Positive thinking can cure many things for individuals in a variety of areas. Therefore, I think it is safe to conclude that positive thinking could help a writer during writer’s block become more creative, or any artist for that matter to add some creativity to their life. This was an interesting article, and I’m glad that you shared it.


  2. I thoroughly enjoyed this article and its upbeat demeanor. I agree with the idea that we need to be mindful of ourselves. Not enough people practice this and the world would be a much better place if they did. I know I have caught myself after the fact when I’ve been rude or even downright mean to someone, and made a conscious effort to make it right. Taking the time to get to know ourselves truly does unleash our creativity, as well as our direction in life, and sometimes even our compassion for others.


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